About us

        Laibatour Spend 15 years of experience on Inbound Tourism, provide professional China Tour products, multi-lingual Tour Guide, Airport Transfer, Air Tickets and Hotel Reservation service for the world-wide tourists. Meanwhile, promote Chinese Culture and spread China Tour as one of our mission; promote our rich tour products to meet the foreign tourists’ great curiosity about Chinese Culture, enable the international tourists to experience the latest China tour and excellent service.

Service purposes

Three heart" service: rest assured, comfortable, tempted

Career mission

Travel is committed to become the largest Chinese products, best service, the most cost-effective maximum entry destination global distribution platform(GDS)。

Enterprise strength

Strong ability to receive: line: more than 10 years industry accumulation, nearly a thousand buyers in Europe and the United States and Australia region, in the industry has a good reputation and credibility. Online: and Google, Facebook, Viator, Get Your Guide and other Internet marketing channels and hundreds of overseas travel sites to maintain good relations of cooperation.

Deep industry resources

Depth understanding of the destination market, deep industry resources for the platform to build a solid foundation. The airline's direct mode, Hong Kong China Travel Service, CYTS, Xi'an International Travel and so are platform partners.

Rich experience in supply chain management

Through more than 10 years of industry precipitation, the immigration supply chain we are very familiar with, after many long-term cooperation, with more than 1,000 suppliers around to maintain a good relationship.

Endorsement of government

Come and travel with a number of provincial and municipal tourism bureau to carry out the destination multi-channel marketing project cooperation, the creation of the "seeing is real" and "Come mode" for the entry destination market growth help!