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Terms of Use

Laibatour offers a variety of China tours, hotel & flight tickets reservation, tour guides (collectively, the “Products”) through its website (laibatour.com) and any other websites through which laibatour makes the Services available (collectively, the “Site”) and as an application for mobile devices (collectively, the “Application”).
Because our Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations, we encourage the client (collectively, the “You”) to read them carefully. They form the basis on which bookings are accepted by Laibatour.
Unless otherwise stated, purchases made through laibatour.com or any other site and application are subject to these Terms & Conditions; in all booking arrangements, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted these conditions on behalf of the persons named in the booking.
No variation to these Terms & Conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of Laibatour.


In order to reserve any product of Laibatour, please submit your reservation on laibatour.com or send an email at info@laibatour.com


Laibatour accepts online payment via Paypal, Visa or Master Card

There is no charge or service fee for processing credit or debit card payments.

Full payment by Paypal or credit is required to make a reservation.


Laibatour’s Responsibility regarding to contract default

1) Laibatour will refund 100% of the actual payment amount to customers if cancel the order by due to the tour products, tour guide or other irresistible factors (like typhoon, earthquake, strike, etc)

Customers’ responsibility for breach of contract:

1) Laibatour will undertake the loss and refund 100% of the actual order cost back to a customer if cancel the order due to personal reasons before departure.
2) Laibatour will not return any fees if customers cancel the order due to personal reasons during the trip.
3) Laibatour will not ask for any default fine if customers change the tour date or product that has already paid before departure.
8. Notice of beginning a group travel: our tour guide will contact you within 1or 2 days to confirm the travel issues, and please provide your real and effective contact information when you make a reservation.
9. Suggestion & feedback: we attach great importance to your suggestions and comments; It would be great appreciation that offering your valuable opinions and suggestions via our email info@laibatour.com. We’ll continue to improve our work and provide better service to the tourists.


You must be responsible for the condition of your own health and must decide whether is fit to travel. Those with existing medical conditions must get approval from their doctor beforehand. Laibatour assumes no legal responsibility for your health problems.


Laibatour will cover AIG Insurance in your tour. If you need assistance for purchasing travel insurance, please contact Laibatour.

Complaints and Claims

If you feel unsatisfied in any way with the service that Laibatour has provided on your tour, immediately notify your local tour guide or your travel advisor so that we can resolve the issue and avoid the potential for similar problems to recur during your trip.
To be eligible for compensation, we must receive your complaint in writing at least 14 days after your tour. Laibatour will not be liable for any claims made later than 14 days after your flight. Please attach any relevant receipts and/or substantiating evidence to the letter of claim.
Laibatour’s email address for complaints and claims is info@laibatour.com.

Liability Statement

Laibatour is responsible for the implementation of tour arrangements on www.laibatour.com including transportation, sightseeing, accommodations, and services from local suppliers.
Laibatour is not responsible for any loss or expenses incurred due to delay or changes of schedule caused by weather, political situation, natural disaster, epidemics, war, criminal activities, or any other circumstances not in its control. All such losses or expenses have to be borne and paid for by the group members jointly. If the remainder of a tour schedule must be cancelled for any of the abovementioned reasons, unused charges for meals, accommodation, and entrance fees will be refunded on the basis of the tour fare. Laibatour reserves the right to alter or to adjust the itinerary in order to protect the interests of its clients.
Laibatour is not responsible for the rejection of entry by immigration or customs officers, even if a tour participant holds a valid passport with proper visas.
Regarding safety and security when traveling, carriers, hotels, bus companies, and other suppliers are responsible for the resolution of any problems that may arise. Laibatour shall not be responsible for any wrongful or negligent or fraudulent, omissions, changes of itinerary, cancellation or the failure of any equipment operated by any suppliers.
Many of Laibatour's products include activities that require attention. Such activities include boarding and going ashore from boats, climbing hills and entering and exiting tombs and caves, etc. You will receive help and advice from our representatives but all activities are undertaken at your own risk. Laibatour, its employees and agents cannot be responsible for any action or event that occurs after its said employees and agents have exercised their duty and taken the necessary care.
Laibatour is not responsible for the theft or lost of any customer's valuables or items of personal property due to the negligence of the customer.
*Please be sure you have read and understood the above terms and conditions before confirming your reservation. Laibatour reserves the right to modify or rescind the terms and conditions in whole or in part at any time with or without notice.